Birth Control: Do You Know Your Options?

Today I want to take the opportunity to list the various options in birth control.  Last week we talked about IUDs.  This week we will be learning about the various other options listed, what they are, how they work and how effective they are. How many of these options were you aware of?

  • Abstinence

  • Birth Control Implants (Implanon & Nexplanon)

  • Birth Control Patch

  • Birth Control Pills

  • Birth Control Shot (Depo-Provera)

  • Birth Control Sponge (Today Sponge)

  • Birth Control Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing)

  • Breastfeeding as Birth Control

  • Cervical Cap (FemCap)

  • Condom

  • Diaphragm

  • Female Condom

  • Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FAMs)

  • IUD

  • Outercourse

  • Spermicide

  • Sterilization for Women (Tubal Sterilization)

  • Vasectomy

  • Withdrawal (Pull Out Method)

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