How to Stay on Track With Diet + Exercise During The Holidays

Cookies! Cakes! Fancy holiday drinks! Oh my!


The holidays are full of family, friends and making new memories. But if you are like me, you may be worrying about staying on track! You can stay on track and indulge at the same time. I am a believer of balance and moderation. Here are some of my favorite tips!

Drink Water: Drink water throughout the day. Try and get in 64 ounces per day. The will help keep you full and also flush out your system each day.

Exercise Everyday: Even if it is just 20 minutes per day, it is helpful! If doesn’t have to be anything crazy. A brisk walk will do! Maybe sneak some yoga in to relieve holiday stress.

Eat your regular diet: Commit to sticking to your regular diet and only indulge at times of celebration or when the foods are REALLY worth it. But...that doesn't mean indulging in EVERYTHING.

Eat BEFORE you go to a party: Eat a salad or greens and drink water before heading out.

Change Your Mindset: Don't think you can do or eat whatever you want all of December and just tackle it harder in January. You are setting yourself up for disappointment and likely won't feel good in the process.