I Don't Like My Provider! Is It Too Late to Transfer?

Many women find themselves late in their pregnancy, realizing they don’t like their provider and feel that it is too late to transfer so they settle for what is planned. So often we hear this. Often women choose the provider they have always seen for their yearly exams. They feel that it is just the “right” thing to do. As they learn more about their birth options, they realize that their provider is no longer a good fit for them. We have heard things like “I don’t want to hurt their feelings”, “I have always seen the same provider, they know me well so I should just keep going to them”, “It seems too hard to make a change at this point”, etc.

But in your heart you want your birth to look like this


Here are some red flags to look for if you feel that your provider may not be a good fit for you:

  • You have expressed your labor and birth preferences to your provider and they were not supportive or tried to talk you out of them

  • You ask questions and your provider tries and avoid answering them

  • Your provider or hospital has a high cesarean rate, here is a list

At Health Foundations Birth Center, women can transfer their care as late as 38 weeks. Contrary to what you might think, it is quite easy to do this. There is nothing like the excitement on a woman’s face when she realizes her preferences and ideal birth are still possible and that they matter. If you feel guilty about switching providers, remember that this is about you, not them. You don’t even have to tell them if that feels better. A records release will be sent automatically stating that you are transferring care. This can feel like a weight is lifting for some women.

Trust your instinct mama. Although your baby has not quite arrived, your motherly instinct is strong. If something does not feel right, explore your options. If you want a low intervention, un-medicated birth, a freestanding birth center is a wonderful option and definitely worth looking into. If you are worried about insurance, call them about your benefits; this too, is usually a very easy transition.

We would love to meet with you and talk to you about your birth preferences and answer your questions. Please call us to set up a tour or register here. If you are past 30 weeks, we recommend setting up a Midwife Consultation which is complimentary.

Photo Credit: Allie Lauritson