Meet Migdalia - Health Foundations New Sonographer!


Name: Migdalia Argote-Maes

Hometown:  New York, NY

My role at Health Foundations is as a Sonographer. I started in December 2016.

My immediate family consists of my husband Ben who is the Direcror of Raquet Sports at the Rochester Athletic Club in Rochester MN, my son Will who is 15 years old and my daughter Lindsi who is 10 years old.

My educational background:  Degree in psychology as well as completing an Ultrasound  program in New York.

A bit about my own birth:  Back when I was born in 1966, there was no ultrasound so when my dear mother went in to deliver a baby, she was shocked to find out from the doctor that there were two of us!! I am so grateful to be a twin! She is my best friend and her name is Sara.

Some of my favorite things to do when I am not working is doing yoga, playing tennis, and spending time with family.

If I could travel anywhere, it would probably be Scandinavia. I have traveled quite a bit through Europe, but have always wanted to see that part of our world!

I was inspired to get into my field by a love of Anatomy. I have always had an interest in the human body and how it works. The more time I spent doing Ultrasound, the more I realized that I was even more interested in studying the unborn child.

What I love about Health Foundations is that I get to do what I love in a wonderful and caring atmosphere and spreading a little cheer when new parents get to see their unborn children in motion.

After being in my field for over 20 years, the mystery and intrigue of the  child in utero and child birth never ceases to amaze me.

My advice for pregnant/new moms:  Enjoy this privilege that you have been given. I promise it is the best gift you will ever receive!