Meet Our New Billing Specialist

Name:  Katy DeLong

Hometown:  Eagan, MN

Family: I live with my husband Zack, my daughter Lucy, kitties Zeus and Alice and goldfish Cow Fish

With HF since:  June 2017

My role at HF: I am the Billing Specialist

Educational Background and training: I have worked in healthcare for many years in different roles including billing.  I studied Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Stout.

Favorite thing when not at HF: I love spending time with my family, reading and being outdoors.

Travel anywhere: I would like to go to South America and spend some time traveling and exploring some of the countries there.

If you could have a Super Power: Teleportation - I would love to be able to skip over my day to day commutes.  It would save so much time!

What I love about HF: Health Foundations works to empower women and families in such a meaningful way.

Birth Philosophy:   We all have different expectations and experiences -- recognize what is important to you, work to make that happen and then surrender to the process that will unfold as it will.  Celebrate the beautiful process that unfolded even if didn't go as planned.

Advice for mamas: My experience taught me to surrender not only in birth but also in general -- let go of what was normal and get ready to make a whole new normal.  Then next week, do that all over again.  What a journey we embark upon as parents, let's support each other in whatever ways we can!