The Baby Proofing Checklist

Babyproofing Home

While baby proofing your house may not be at the top of your list of things to do before baby arrives, it won’t be long before your little one is on the move and getting into mischief. Being prepared for the process of babyproofing is a worthy pursuit while you are pregnant and have the time. You may not realize how many hazards exist in the average home until you look at it from the perspective of a crawler. Use this checklist as a general guide for beginning the project of baby proofing your home.

  • Place safety plugs in all exposed outlets
  • Conceal all electrical cords or move out of reach 
  • Keep electric appliances unplugged and out of reach
  • Secure freestanding tall lamps behind furniture
  • Place covers on stove and oven knobs
  • Install a fireplace gate and store all related tools out of reach
  • Block access to radiators
  • Affix gates to the top and bottom of stairwells
  • Block railing openings that exceed 4 inches with Plexiglass or other barrier
  • Use doorstops and door holders to prevent pinched fingers
  • Place window guards or stops to prevent windows from opening more than 3 inches
  • Keep sharp objects out of reach
  • Keep breakable objects out of reach
  • Keep heavy objects out of reach
  • Secure oven and refrigerator with appliance latches
  • Cover sharp corners of tables and other surfaces
  • Keep pet supplies and aquariums out of reach
  • Secure large pieces of furniture to the wall to prevent toppling
  • Keep garbage cans in a locked cabinet or choose one with a locking mechanism
  • Lock cabinets with dangerous or heavy items
  • Keep plants out of reach and dispose of any poisonous plants
  • Keep knickknacks safely stored out of reach
  • Use placemats instead of tablecloths
  • Lower crib mattress to the lowest setting once baby can pull himself up
  • Remove mobiles and other crib attachments
  • Tie up loose cords from blinds and drapes
  • Keep drawers closed and use childproof locks where necessary
  • Secure rugs with nonskid backing 
  • Cover bathtub faucet with a soft cover
  • Use nonskid strips in the bathtub
  • Anchor the TV to its surface or the wall
  • If you have a pool, install a 4-foot fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate around the perimeter 
  • Keep all cleaning supplies, medicines and other potentially hazardous items out of reach or locked up
  • Mark sliding glass doors with colorful stickers

General Home Safety Tips:

  • Never leave your baby unsupervised unless they are contained in a safe area
  • Place purses and other bags that may contain unsafe items out of reach
  • Don’t ever leave your baby unsupervised near any body of water 
  • Keep baby away from open windows
  • Keep CD and DVD players out of reach
  • Keep a list of emergency contact numbers and Poison Control in a visible place
  • Be hypervigilant during stressful times of day when accidents are more likely to occur

Kitchen Safety:

  • When cooking, turn pot and pan handles towards the back of the stove
  • Use the back burners on the stove instead of the front
  • Never put the highchair in reach of dangerous items or appliances
  • Take care to keep hot food and drinks away from edges and out of your baby’s reach
  • Don’t ever hold your baby while you are cooking or handling dangerous items such as sharp knives
  • Choose one kitchen cabinet to keep unlocked and fill it with safe items such as Tupperware for baby to explore

Bathtub safety:

  • Set your water heater to 120 degrees or lower to prevent accidental scalding 
  • Never place baby within reach of the tub faucet
  • NEVER leave baby unattended in the bath. A child can drown in 1-inch of water.

The best way to begin the process of baby proofing your house is to get down on baby’s level and see the world as she sees it. This will help you identify potential hazards that you may not have even considered before. It is never too soon to begin the process of baby proofing but it can be too late. Be sure to have your house ready before your baby is crawling and pulling himself up, at the very latest. To learn more about preparing your nest for your upcoming arrival or for any and all pregnancy and birth related questions, contact Health Foundations for a free consultation with a midwife and a tour of our Birth Center.