The New Year, The New You

Oh yes, News Years resolutions! It is that time of year! It can be tempting to have a long list of things you would like to change or do better. My advice is to keep the list short and realistic.


You can exercise, eat healthy, take supplements but what about the hard stuff? What about sitting with YOU and allowing yourself to grow? Here are some points to think about moving forward into 2019:

Health Goal Setting

Take charge of your health this year. Now is the time to do it, as there are so many tools to help! There are apps, pre-made meal plans and more. Do a little research about what would be realistic for you. Don’t plan on eating baked chicken and broccoli for weeks on end, that isn’t sustainable. The recipes out there are AMAZING. There are endless blogs with recipes that are centered around clean eating. If weight loss is a part of your plan, keep the goal small.

Although it is tempting to jump into a gym membership full steam ahead, find a place that fits your needs. There are large gyms, yoga studios, barre classes, cross fit and so much more. Take your time. Many of these places will let you do a free week before joining.

14 Days

It takes 14 days to truly make a change and the first 14 days are the hardest. One day at a time. Keep that in front of you at all times as a reminder, on your fridge, bathroom mirror or anywhere that you can see it frequently.

Accountability Partner

It can be a best friend, a sibling, a significant other, a co-worker or anyone that you feel will hold you accountable. Make sure you can trust this person and that they share similar goals and values. Let them know what your goals are and why they are important to you. Set up a plan with that person and communicate to them how their support would be helpful to you. Maybe it is a daily phone call or text message to check in or perhaps it is you texting them after you have done your daily goals.

Emotional Growth

The true goal is expanding yourself emotionally. Cleaning up your physical body by eating healthy and exercising is only part of the process. Spend time with you. Be alone. Turn off your phone and computer. Even if it is for 15 minutes each day. Try meditation. A nice time to practice this is right when you wake up, even before getting out of bed. If meditating isn’t your thing just spend time in the quiet trying to release the days stresses and worries.

Let your motto be, I AM ENOUGH. You indeed are ENOUGH.