Welcome Jessica Gustafson with Reverie Acupuncture!

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Name: Jessica Gustafson

Hometown:  St Paul, MN

Family: I live with my husband Eric, our daughter Aila and our two cats, Ginger and Renni

With Health Foundations since:  December of 2017

My role at Health Foundations: I currently do community acupuncture on-site and offer outcall services for private appointments www.reverieacupuncture.com

Educational Background and training: In 2011 I attended Northwestern Health Science University’s (NWHSU) Massage Program, graduating with my AAS in Massage in 2012. After this program I immediately began NWHSU’s Master’s program in Oriental Medicine completing my degree in 2015 and I attained my NCCAOM Diplomate status later the same year. While I attended this program, I also pursued a certification in CranioSacral techniques from the Heartwood Institute. My internships included the DeRusha Clinic, the Edith Davis Acupuncture Clinic and Dispensary, the Bloomington Natural Care Clinic, the Salvation Army, the Masonic Children's hospital, the University of Minnesota Medical Center and the Regions hospital orthopedic wing. As a student employee I also worked for over 3 years at the Pillsbury house integrated clinic as their clinic coordinator.

Favorite thing when not at Health Foundations: I like a nice, sunny day off where I can drink tea, hang out with my family and get things done around the house at a leisurely pace, catching up on my reading and petting the cats.

Travel anywhere: This might be cheating because it's multiple places, but my “I just won the lottery” vacation would be to take six months and: Fly to Austria and hang out with a friend, then go up through Denmark, Sweden and Norway stopping at various Viking monuments and my family's home town. Then to Iceland for some spas, down though Scotland, Ireland and Britain to visit distilleries and other friends. Over to Toronto, down to Baltimore, to Ohio, to Tennessee, then Texas, Oklahoma, through the mountains and up to Washington and finally coming back through the mountains to home with about a month to decompress.

Super power: I would like the ability to stop time so I could put my feet up or get things done, as needed.

Inspiration to be an acupuncturist: I always knew that I wanted to work with people, helping them to meet health goals but I didn’t know what that would look like until I got to college. I decided to go to massage school as a way to learn a skill and found that I loved it but it wasn’t quite right. The more I learned about the acupuncture program the more sure I became that that was the direction I wanted to go. It wasn’t until my last year of acupuncture school that my focus began to shift from musculoskeletal conditions and mental health support to women’s health and pediatrics, but it’s been a passion of mine ever since.

What I love about Health Foundations: When I gave birth at Health Foundations, the thing that struck me time and time again was how warm and supportive the staff were. People were excited to see you for your appointments and genuinely interested in your progress. It was on a whole different plane than any other medical experience I’ve had. I’m looking forward to being part of the team and helping new mamas and their families feel the same support and care I had.

Birth philosophy: All babies are different, all mamas are different and all births are different. We can make the “best” possible decisions and plans and still be surprised. Like the rest of life, it’s about going with the flow - let the birth be what it’s going to be.

Advice for mamas: You are strong, you are amazing but it's ok to feel like you can’t do it and lean on your support system to catch your breath. This goes for during the birth and after. Always remember that you’re not alone.

How to learn more: You can visit my website at www.reverieacupuncture.com or follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/reverieacupuncture/ or Instagram https://www.instagram.com/reverie_acupuncture/.

If you’d like to get a head start, download the intake forms here www.reverieactupunture.com/community and bring them to the next community acupuncture night. Community Acupuncture is held at Health Foundations Birth Center every Wednesday and Friday evening from 5:00-8:00pm.