Frequently asked questions


What is a Birth Center?

A birth center is a homelike facility, existing within a health care system with a program of care designed in the wellness model of pregnancy and birth. Birth centers are guided by principles of prevention, sensitivity, safety, appropriate medical intervention, and cost effectiveness. Birth centers provide family-centered personalized care for healthy women before, during and after normal pregnancy, labor and birth.

Who can deliver at the Birth Center?

Any healthy woman experiencing a healthy pregnancy and expecting a normal delivery would be a good candidate for a birth center birth. We continually screen our clients throughout their prenatal care for any signs that would mean it would be safer to deliver in a hospital.  Amy and the Health Foundations team prides themselves on the close relationships they have with their clients.  We strive to have each of our clients reach the end of pregnancy in the best possible health and feel ready for a beautiful birth experience. We have seen powerful pregnancies and amazing births; our families are confident, prepared and supported. Our number one priority is your health and safety.

How many families do you accept per month into your care?

We do limit the number of families we are able to help each month.  Months can easily fill up, so we encourage you to call today for your complimentary consultation or plan to attend an upcoming informational session/birth center tour!

When will we meet during labor?

This is based on each woman individually.  The family will be instructed on how and when to call the midwife during her prenatal visits. Instructions for first time mothers are different from those who have had previous births. Adjustments will be made according to previous labors and distance from midwife or birth center. Occasionally a woman may need to be evaluated in early labor (about 1-4 centimeters dilated) and offered recommendations of homeopathy, herbs, rest, etc. Once a mother is in established active labor, the midwife and team will join the family.

What happens if two people are in labor at once?

We have two midwives on-call to ensure that any woman in labor will receive the attention she requires.

What emergency equipment and medicine do you have?

Birth centers are not mini-hospitals; your labor will never be induced or stimulated with oxytocin (Pitocin). C-sections, instrumental deliveries and monitoring with electronic fetal monitors are also not done at birth centers. But birth centers are equipped with IVs, oxygen, medication, and infant resuscitation equipment, so if need be, emergency care can be started while you and your baby await transport to the hospital.

Who may I have with me at the birth?

You may have anyone you like at your birth. We strongly urge our clients to surround themselves with positive, helpful people. We will help maintain your vision of birth. Please remember that this time is all about you and your family. When choosing who to have present, please consider “How will this person aid in this process?”, “Do they provide loving energy?”, “Can they help with my children or prepare food?”. Remember, you need to be able to let go during birth, with absolutely no inhibitions.  We will also serve as your guardian and see to it that unwanted guests do not find their way in uninvited. During your prenatal visits we discuss what to expect at the birth and what should be expected of everyone. A prepared birth team and family with love and support make for a wonderful birth!

Do you have birthing tubs?  Can I have a water birth?

We have beautiful over-sized tubs at the birth center in each of the birth suites.  We love water labor and births! The pain relief and relaxation offered by a simple pool of warm water is amazing!

Can I have pain medications or an epidural at the Birth Center?

No. Although many women feel they may not be able to finish the job without help, they do not realize the power of the female body to achieve the awesome job of delivering a baby.  A healthy body, good support and natural coping techniques are all discussed and encouraged through your prenatal care. When you reach term it is interesting to see the level of confidence such work has accomplished and how prepared our families really are. Once labor begins, we work as a team to encourage, nurture and support you, providing one on one care until you have your baby.  Having someone there who has gotten to know you over the course of your pregnancy is the key to being able to cope. No matter how often we hear 'I can't do it' we know you can. We are there with you every step of the way. Your reward is in holding a beautifully alert, drug-free baby in your arms and enjoying the triumph that is all yours, knowing that you have given your baby the very best start.  We do have nitrous oxide available at the birth center for women who are interested in utilizing it during labor.

Are Health Foundations Birth Center services covered by insurance?

Health Foundations is in-network with the following insurance companies:  Multi-plan Network, PHCS Network, Medica, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, United Health Care, Cigna, Preferred One and Health Partners. We also accept medical cost sharing groups such as Samaritan Ministries and Christian Medi-Share.

I do not have insurance that covers care at Health Foundations.  Do you offer alternative payment options?

We do offer a self-pay option that is a discounted rate from our regular fees. Contact our billing department at 612-213-2481 to learn more about this option.