Women-centered model of care

In our model of care, the childbearing woman has the central role, and we provide the supervision and care. We work hard to provide a safe, sensitive environment where you are truly heard. We spend time learning about your desires, challenges, concerns, and joys. We answer your questions about safety, choices for prenatal testing, and the process of labor and birth with the latest information available.

For most pregnancies we recommend beginning care at 9-12 weeks. You will meet with a nurse and go over your history. She will also review some personalized recommendations for activity, diet and safety in pregnancy, as well as advice about common early pregnancy symptoms. Your initial lab work will be done at the visit as well.  For the second half of this visit, you will meet with a provider which includes a basic physical. We will discuss any questions you have and discuss our plan of care.

We accept most transfer patients, including late transfers. Please call us to discuss your situation so we can recommend the best way to begin your visits.