Rachel Hanus, CNM

Name:  Rachel Hanus

Hometown:  Cedar Falls, IA

Family: I made the move from Iowa to Minnesota to live with my twin sister, Leah, who was living up here in the cities. My older brother, Dan, his soon-to-be-wife, Charla, their two dogs, and my parents still live in Iowa. 

With Health Foundations Since: I started at Health Foundations in the fall of 2013 as a birth assistant. I was also able to spend more time here as a midwifery student.

My Role at Health Foundations: I'll be working at Health Foundations as a nurse-midwife! I'll be able to see women for annual exams, preconception counseling, throughout their pregnancies and postpartum. The thing I love most about being a nurse-midwife is that I'll be able to provide continuity of care for families across the life span! I have a passion for group prenatal care as well as educating people from diverse backgrounds and races about midwifery care and their potential to join the midwifery profession! 

Educational Background and Training: I went to the University of Iowa for my nursing degree (Go Hawks!). I began my midwifery training apprenticing with a home birth midwife in the Twin Cities metro for a year. I fell in love with the families and the model of care and decided to get my master's in nurse-midwifery at Bethel University. 

Favorite Thing When Not at Health Foundations: Playing outside! I love to go on bike rides, run, play volleyball, climb trees, or just sit and read a book on my deck. 

Travel Anywhere: I have never been to Southeast Asia. I think that may be the next on my list! 

Super Power: I love learning about history, so I think it would be pretty cool to be able to time travel.

Inspiration to be a Midwife: After graduating as a nurse, I shelfed my nursing license, realizing that I wasn’t experiencing a model that gave me time to care holistically for people like I had felt called to. One day, the idea of becoming a midwife popped into my mind. It surprised me because while in nursing school I was never particularly drawn to my clinical rotation in labor and delivery. However, when the idea of becoming a midwife popped into my head that day, it all really started to make sense. I have always found myself in roles where I am people’s life cheerleaders. I feel that way in midwifery. Moms are amazing and truly my inspiration. I just get to support them; reminding them how powerful and capable they are during this time is pretty incredible and always an honor. 

What I Love About HF: I love the philosophy of care here. My coworkers all walk out their value for relationships and people in everything they do both with each other and our families. I couldn't work in a more supportive environment!

Birth Philosophy:  Birth is powerful and raw: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Mothers encounter the depth of their strength and also their complete surrender in the same breath. I try and hold it as a sacred event for the entire family, supporting the family with a peaceful and reassuring presence. 

Advice for Mamas: All day every day, you remind me of how strong and capable you are. Remind yourselves of it. Remind yourself during your labor, remind yourself when you have a two day old and you're trying to figure out breastfeeding, remind yourself when you're potty training your two year old, and when you're giving life guidance to your 12 year old.