Nursing is natural, but it doesn’t come easy to all moms and babies.

Our providers start preparing you for breastfeeding during your prenatal care. Health Foundations Birth Center + Women’s Health Clinic offers a Breastfeeding Class to our clients that focuses on understanding nursing positions, infant feeding cues, nutrition, supplies and common concerns. After the birth of your baby, our midwives and birth assistants are there to help before you go home so that you can leave feeling confident in feeding your baby. Our IBCLC lactation specialist will be there for you as you adjust to life at home with your new baby and is also available for lactation appointments at the birth center.

Health Foundations offers a variety of classes to help support you during your breastfeeding journey. We strive to culminate a strong community of support through these classes and groups with other women that are experiencing the same joys and struggles.

Classes and Groups

Mama’s Milk Hour is a group that meets weekly on Thursday at 2:30pm. This group is centered on providing support for nursing moms by connecting them with other women navigating the journey of breastfeeding. Sara Goff, IBCLC, leads this group. During the hour you can weigh your baby, practice breastfeeding and ask Sara basic questions.

Our Breastfeeding Class is offered to all clients as a part of their prenatal care. This class focuses on helping moms get off to a great start with a comfortable latch as well as understanding different nursing positions and infant feeding cues. It also covers nutrition during breastfeeding, supplies and common concerns.

PumpTalk 101 is designed to help mamas when returning back to work and continuing to breastfeed. Our Lactation Specialist teaches the ins and outs of pumping and storing milk. This informative class will ease the stress as you prepare to enter back into work with an infant at home.

Donor Milk Program

Donor breastmilk is a priceless gift to babies. Health Foundations Birth Center + Women’s Health Clinic works directly with the Mother’s Milk Bank of Ohio. We provide the labs needed for the screening process and are also a drop-off site for mothers wanting to donate. We ship donated milk to Ohio for processing. Donor milk is available at our center for purchase to the public and local hospitals.

Products to help you on your journey

We carry a large range of products and supplements to help support you on your journey of breastfeeding.  Supplements can be a very useful tool in helping maintain a healthy milk supply. We also have specific supplements for moms that have a low milk supply, which can help with increase. Our staff is available to help you choose with one that is right for you. We also have several different styles of nursing bras; they are comfortable, supportive and affordable. We offer free bra fittings by appointment. Health Foundations has a wide variety of Medela breast pump supplies.