Doula Internship Opportunity

Health Foundations Birth Center + Women’s Health Clinic provides a structured experience for you to gain valuable skills as a birth doula. The goal of the Health Foundations Doula Internship Program is to embrace new doulas and ensure you have a well-rounded experience which prepares you for a successful doula career.

Our doula interns are given many opportunities to develop perinatal knowledge in addition to providing labor support by: volunteering at HFBC community events, attending monthly HFBC classes, and volunteering in the clinic are all ways that doula interns can interact with Health Foundations clients and gain valuable experience.  We also provide personalized feedback regarding your performance as a doula and assistance toward completing your certification process. Graduates of the Health Foundations Doula Internship Program will be noted on our resource list for families.

STEP 1: COMPLETE a Birth Doula Training Course

STEP 2: COMPLETE the application form on Health Foundations website (below)

STEP 3: INTERVIEW with Health Foundations Doula Internship Coordinator

STEP 4: COMPLETE Doula Intern paperwork

STEP 5: Start the program

  • Mentoring by the Doula Internship Coordinator, midwives and birth assistants

  • Gatherings with other doulas to provide wisdom and support

  • Observations of Health Foundations classes with expectant parents

  • Volunteer hours at HFBC

  • Certificate of completion & recommendation to your future endeavors

Services provided by Health Foundations Doula Interns include:

  • A prenatal meeting prior to delivery to discuss the families needs and birth plan

  • One-on-one support through labor and delivery at the birth center or hospital

  • A postpartum meeting with the family after baby is born

Fill out the Health Foundations Doula Intern application below!