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Episode 35) Getting your family back on track after summer

Topic: Dr. Amy gives tips about getting back on track after summer.

Episode 34) Midwifery Care for Women's Health

Topic: Dr. Amy talks about why a midwife is a great option for all of your women's health needs.

Episode 33) Vaginal Birth After a cesarean

Topic: Dr. Amy talks about VBACS. Is it an option for you?

Episode 32) questions to consider asking a new care provider

Topic: Dr. Amy goes over what questions to ask when seeking a new care provider so that you get the care you want!

Episode 31) Why me time is important

Topic: Dr. Amy talks about why ‘Me Time’ is important in our busy world.

Episode 30) What Grandmothers need to know

Topic: Dr. Amy discusses how parenting has changed and what grandmothers need to know.

Episode 29) how to stay on track with diet and exercise during the holidays

Topic: Dr. Amy gives tips on how to stay fit during the holidays.

Episode 28) THe struggle of being a mom

Topic: Dr. Amy chats about how being a mom isn’t always sunshine and rainbows! You are not alone.

Episode 27) Dispelling myths about pregnancy, labor and birth

Topic: Dr. Amy discusses popular myths about pregnancy, labor and birth and why they aren’t true.

Episode 26) navigating picky eaters and food sensitivities

Topic: Dr. Amy gives ideas about how to handle children that are picky eaters and how to plan your meals differently.

Episode 25) Dr. amy's favorite things for pregnancy, birth and postpartum

Topic: Dr. Amy chats about her favorite items!

Episode 24) what parents can do while raising kids to set them up financially

Topic: Dr. Amy and guest Cassandra Brashier speak about different ideas on teaching kids responsibility and different saving plans.


Episode 23) Being your beautiful, radiant self

Topic: Dr. Amy gives beauty tips for feeling radiant inside and out!


Episode 22) Dr. Amy's spring detox

Topic: Welcome Spring with a detox formulated by Dr. Amy.


Episode 21) how to manage newborn sleep

Topic: Dr. Amy talks about sleep strategies for newborns.


Episode 20) What to pack in your birth bag

Topic: Dr. Amy goes over the essentials for your birth bag.


Episode 19) midwives 101

Topic: Katrina WU, CNM and Rachel Stapleton, CPM discuss what midwives do, the type of care offered, where they practice and more!



Episode 18) Pregnancy and postpartum uncensored

Topic: Dr. Amy, Stephanie and Aubrey discuss common pregnancy and postpartum woes. Get ready for a good laugh!



Episode 17) Is this normal? common questions and concerns during pregnancy

Topic: Amy discusses common questions and concerns that women have during pregnancy.

Episode 16) Reproductive life plans: thoughtfully considering your childbearing years

Topic: Katrina discusses different types of contraception and which ones may be right for your childbearing years.


Episode 15) Top 10 Taboo topics for moms

Topic: Amy discusses how to come together as a community of women to support one another in motherhood without judgement. She goes over common uncomfortable topics.


Episode 14) Top 10 facts about your newborn

Topic: Amy discusses interesting facts about your newborn.


Episode 13) Top 5 things to have a successful start to school

Topic: Amy discusses ways ease back into the school year smoothly.


Episode 12) Top 10 Tips for a natural childbirth

Topic: Amy discusses ways to help achieve a natural labor and birth.

Click here to download tips for a natural birth.


Episode 11) Top 10 things every dad should know

Topic: Health Foundations' Childbirth Educator, Rochelle Matos and her husband Luis discuss the 'Top 10 Things Every Dad Should Know'

Click here to download tips for dads about pregnancy and postpartum.


Episode 10) navigating your insurance for maternity care & women's health

Topic: Amy discusses how to navigate your health insurance in regards to women's health, pregnancy and birth.


Episode 9) Staying comfortable in pregnancy: the natural way

Topic: Special guest, Dr. Amber Moravec discusses how to help stay comfortable in pregnancy naturally.

Click here to download a handout highlighting important tips on staying comfortable.


Episode 8) Dr. Amy's Guide to Food Introduction

Topic: Amy discusses the importance of mindful food introduction for your little one.

Click here to download Dr. Amy's Food Introduction handout.



Episode 7) Innovative Care at Health Foundations Birth Center- Options in Childbirth

Topic: Amy discusses the labor and birth options at Health Foundations Birth Center, birth slings, water birth, essential oils and more!


EPISODE 6) January 29TH - Boobs, breastfeeding and lactation

Topic:  Amy discusses how to prepare for breastfeeding, including tips and helpful products to purchase.

Click here to download the Create a Breastfeeding Station guide.


EPISODE 5) DECEMBER 4TH - Planning for Your Baby Moon - Essentials for the New Mother

Topic:  Amy discusses what to plan for after baby arrives.  Heng Ou, author of The First Forty Days and founder of Motherbees, joins us to share about the importance of postpartum nutrition.

Click here for our download Ideas & Tips for Putting Mom & Baby First.



EPISODE 4) November 6TH - Getting Ready for Winter: Creating Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet

Topic: Creating Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet.

Click here to download the Natural Medicine Cabinet Guide



Episode 3) October 9th - HOw to write a birth plan: Every birth is different. make a plan for yours.

Topic: Birth Planning Checklist

Click here to download the Birth Plan Checklist.


EPISODE 2)  september 11TH - a road map to success: Beating stress and overcoming fatigue

Topic: A Road Map For Success: Beating Stress and Overcoming Fatigue

Click here to download the Road Map.


Episode 1)  August 14th - preconception checklist

Topic: A Preconception Checklist - Pregnancy Prep for Moms-to-Be

Click here to download the Preconception Checklist.