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Available on-demand, The Mom Show on the myTalk 107.1 with Amy Johnson-Grass. Covering topics like preconception, pregnancy nutrition, overcoming fatigue, and more!

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Episode 1)  August 14th - preconception checklist

Topic: A Preconception Checklist - Pregnancy Prep for Moms-to-Be

Click here to download the Preconception Checklist.

Dr. Amy Johnson Grass

EPISODE 2)  september 11TH - a road map to success: Beating stress and overcoming fatigue

Topic: A Road Map For Success: Beating Stress and Overcoming Fatigue

Click here to download the Road Map.

Dr. Amy With Newborn

Episode 3) October 9th - HOw to write a birth plan: Every birth is different. make a plan for yours.

Topic: Birth Planning Checklist

Click here to download the Birth Plan Checklist.

Winter Herbal Medicine

EPISODE 4) November 6TH - Getting Ready for Winter: Creating Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet

Topic: Creating Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet.

Click here to download the Natural Medicine Cabinet Guide


EPISODE 5) DECEMBER 4TH - Planning for Your Baby Moon - Essentials for the New Mother

Topic:  Amy discusses what to plan for after baby arrives.  Heng Ou, author of The First Forty Days and founder of Motherbees, joins us to share about the importance of postpartum nutrition.

Click here for our download Ideas & Tips for Putting Mom & Baby First.



EPISODE 6) January 29TH - Boobs, breastfeeding and lactation

Topic:  Amy discusses how to prepare for breastfeeding, including tips and helpful products to purchase.

Click here to download the Create a Breastfeeding Station guide.


Episode 7) Innovative Care at Health Foundations Birth Center- Options in Childbirth

Topic: Amy discusses the labor and birth options at Health Foundations Birth Center, birth slings, water birth, essential oils and more!



Episode 8) Dr. Amy's Guide to Food Introduction

Topic: Amy discusses the importance of mindful food introduction for your little one.

Click here to download Dr. Amy's Food Introduction handout.